Square Cut Sandwich Kit

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Sandwich Kit – for square cut sandwiches – Now available with a black u-card

We are proud to announce our New Sandwich kit has been short listed as a finalist by the British Sandwich Association – The Sammie’s awards for New Product 2015.

Square cut sandwiches are produced from many different loaves, and so finding sandwich packaging that fits all sizes is tough. the Sandwich kit allows you the flexibility to cater for sliced, bloomers, and bespoke breads.

Step one                                Step two                                Step three

New Sandwich Kit emptyNew Sandwich Kit Filled but openNew Sandwich Kit Filled





The Sandwich Kits follows in the family of our Baguette and Sandwich/Roll/Toastie kits, you still have the three components in one case.

1000 bags – produced in high quality BOPP but this bag is a Titan style to give a flat bottom

1000 U-cards – produced in 400mic coated Kraft board shaped to support the sandwich

1000 labels – 25mm transparent label to give an airtight seal