Baguette Kit

Baguette KitBaguette Kits – Available for 6″ 8″ 10″ and 12″ baguettes

In one box you will receive –
1000 crimp bottom back lap bags, produced in 25mic BOPP.
1000 Kraft U-cards produced in 400mic coated Kraft board.
1000 25mm self adhesive clear labels to seal the product.

*Bespoke sizes available to order

Baguette Kitimage2From this Baguette KitimageTo this
              In three simple steps
Baguette Kitimage3 Step one, place the product on the U-card
Baguette Kit5image Step Two, slide the U-card (with product) into the bag
Baguette Kitimage6 Step three, fold over the end of the bag and seal using the clear label
(Alternatively seal the bag with a BoppBag™ sealer)

See our video on YouTube:

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